Maker to Market Coaching

Hi, I'm Heather MacConnell, the curator at Artisan Spirit.

I make my living identifying what sets artists apart from their peers. Over the past few years of growing my own brick and mortar, I've learned there are important things makers can't know without seeing customers interact with their brands in a retail shop setting-how they respond to packaging, pricing and relevance of what you're doing in the great big retail world around you. Basically, how your products connect with your audience. 

My career in sales includes working for some of the biggest consumer brands in the country. I made the leap to creating and selling my own handmade goods, and now I'm a retailer. I currently represent over 100 independent artists in my shop, and working with these artists is truly one of the greatest privileges I've ever known. It's a pleasure to educate my customers about the work they're seeing and loving! And as a maker and retailer of handmade, I've been on both sides, which gives me a unique perspective. I know what it's like to create something out of passion and thin air, then get it in front of a buyer.  I also know what it's like to be the buyer, and what the many considerations are when buyers look at your product.

I can work with you to further develop and elevate your unique brand. I'd like to share important, often overlooked details that will help you excel as a creative AND a business person, and focus on actions that will sharpen your skills for greater sales success at markets, shows, and while wholesaling to retailers. 

What are your goals now that you know what it is to work as an independent artist? What do you want your business to be in a year? In 5 years? Are you undervaluing your work while pricing it, which I see often? Is the appearance/packaging of your work developed enough to compete with all the thousands of handmade brands that are also doing what you are, and are selling on a growing number of online retailing/wholesaling platforms? When we meet, we can take a look at where you are and strategize to clear the hurdles to your growth which you might not even be aware of when a potential buyer is vetting you.

Finally, none of this matters if I couldn't tell you I've had artists tell me how our discussions have changed their businesses and their lives. We've shared many focused exchanges on how to sharpen the way a brand presents, marketing and pricing. One landed multiple locations with a major retailer in the northeast, one just opened her own brick and mortar...

There are more stories that I'll share with you once we meet. 

Warm regards...and let's talk!

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